Myanmar Consultancy services

Myanmar is the largest country in mainland South East Asia with a population in excess of 50 million. Strategically located between China and India – the world’s most populated countries it also shares land borders with Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos.  The population has a median age of 28 years and in excess of 50% are of working age. It is a country that is now developing with rapidity which is hungry for progressive development and opportunity after many years of isolation. It has fertile land, plentiful water and a plethora of other natural resources. These include Oil, Gas, Marine-life, Timber, Tourism opportunities, Metals, Minerals, Jade and the world’s finest Rubies in plentiful supply. GDP is estimated to be less than 20% of that of neighbouring Thailand with a similar population.  

International commentators continue to be optimistic about Myanmar’s future and it is certainly a country still in transition. While it remains a challenging and dynamic market, the pace of change is accelerating and institutions such as the IMF and World Bank state that significant growth can continue to be expected.