We operate exclusively in Myanmar. Our resources include:

Nigel Blackwood, Managing Partner

Myanmar CSR Consultant Nigel Blackwood

Nigel first came to Yangon in 2001. He worked as a diplomat for the British Embassy in Myanmar for more than 5 years primarily covering political and development work. During his posting, he established a strong network of contacts in government, opposition groups, not-for-profit organisations, the UN, Embassies and the private sector. He has been a close follower of Myanmar affairs ever since. He played a key role in establishing Myanmar Bureau in May 2012. Much of his work to date has been in due diligence, public relations, compliance issues, corporate social responsibility, market entry and broader consultancy work. The sectors he has been working in have included oil & gas, aviation, hotels and tourism, agriculture, FMCG, IT & Telecoms, not-for-profit organisations, banking and education.

During his career with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Nigel also served in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and China. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Melbourne Business School and a BA Hons in Spanish & Business Studies from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Marlar Maw, Managing Partner

Myanmar Market Entry Consultant Marlar Maw

Marlar was born in Myanmar, University educated in Thailand and has lived in China, Australia and the UK. She has a deep understanding of both Asian and Western business environments.  Marlar started her career as an accountant with Myanmar Investment Management Company in Yangon and then progressed to the only foreign advertising agency in Myanmar at the time, Bates Advertising Myanmar.  She later joined the marketing department of British American Tobacco (BAT) Myanmar in 1997. Marlar primarily focused on media, corporate and regulatory affairs before moving into brand management. She also worked for Bagan Cybertech, one of the first private internet service providers in Myanmar in a marketing and public relations capacity.  Marlar developed her commercial experience further whilst working for Serge Pun Associates (SPA) Group, one of Myanmar’s leading conglomerates. During this time Marlar developed a wide range of relationships which she retains to this day.

Since returning to Myanmar in May 2012 after living overseas for 5 years, Marlar has had a strong focus on due diligence, public relations, marketing and market entry. In addition to her broad range of quality contacts established during her working life, Marlar also has an additional range of contacts via her personal connections with the upper tiers of the Myanmar administration and the media sector. Her recent work has covered oil & gas, mining, hotels & tourism, freight transport, FMCG, IT & Telecoms, aviation and banking. Marlar holds a BA in Business Administration from Assumption University in Bangkok.

U Thein Swe, Managing Director

U Thein Swe served in the Myanmar Air Force for 16 years and the Defence Intelligence for 21 years. He was formerly the military attaché for Thailand, the Chairman of Bagan Cybertech (now Yatarnapon Teleport) and Chairman of the Myanmar Information Technology & Communications Park Development Committee (MITCDC). During his military career he played a senior role in the State Information Committee and the peace process. He was the Head of the Foreign Relation Division in the Office of Strategic Studies and served as the Visiting Lecturer at the National Defence College.

Our Team

Our team is greatly enhanced by the support of:

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